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17 Artistic Wall Art Boho – When it comes to decorating a nursery, some moms-to-be stick with the standard, time-tested selections: pinks and blues (and other vibrant colors), photos of baby animals all over the walls — we all know the drill. But correct now, there is a huge decor trend we’re seeing everywhere, and that’s boho nurseries. It really is easy to see why they are so popular — they are not only beautiful, but they are also easy to create in a gender-neutral way.

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Boho sunrise printable abstract sun symbol poster Summer season season

Typically outfitted with design elements like rattan decor and furniture, natural wood, greenery, and feathers, boho nurseries are typically done in warm, neutral colors, with a lot of browns, whites, and coral shades to go about — and yes, the accent wall trend lives on correct right here, too! They evoke thoughts of nature and all things peaceful, which is precisely what we demand when we’re attempting to get a newborn baby to go to sleep.

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Boho Wall Decor

Looking for a little baby room decor inspiration, boho style? Study on to see some of the most beautiful boho nursery photos that would be outstanding for any baby — boy or girl.

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Modern Boho Nursery Project Nursery

A Boho Explosion

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Pom Pom Wall Hanging Wall Art Boho Wall Hanging Driftwood

Liam Oliver’s bay room seems like a boho adventure! Somehow, his parents managed to combine so a lot of adorable trends and make them come together seamlessly. That swing is so cute, and so is the green accent wall — even although it does seem like it was rather a time commitment!

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On Safari

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This nursery is all animal-themed, mixed with a little bit of boho. The light-colored wood and rattan accents pulls in all of the natural elements, plus the plush animals scattered about the room are too cute — not to mention the truth that the gray chair in the corner is beautiful!

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Cross Wall Hanging Boho Wall Décor Wall Cross Décor Hanging

Clean &ampamp Crisp

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It can be a bit risky to have a white nursery with a baby, but seeing a photo like this definitely tends to make us think it could be worth the threat. It really is so clean and so vibrant that we don’t even want to think about what it’s going to seem like when the toys at some point take over!

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Japandi Decor Black dots print Abstract Wall art boho wall

A Sweet Bassinet

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Warm Tones

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Warm Tones

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This boho nursery keeps it simple, but the simplicity of it all is what we take pleasure in most about it. That pennant banner is the outstanding decoration to pull the colors in this room together, and the natural wood crib (that’s all the way down to the floor!) is such a beautiful focal piece.

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Grey Ombre Macrame Wall Hanging Boho Wall Hanging Wall Art

Vintage Having said that Boho

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It really is tricky to visualize that neutrals would seem *this* good in a baby room, but this image is proof of that! Intricate pieces like this chandelier and even the chair show that it doesn’t take significantly to give a nursery that wow element — and the vintage rocking horse is beautiful. Feathery Adorableness There is a *lot* to seem at in this nursery. The feathers, the shelves, the tiny little chair in the corner — some baby is going to adore sitting there! We spy these baby wraps hanging up near the crib, too! Boy or girl, baby Ellison is a very fortunate little one.

Color Blocking Yes, that tiny mini crib is adorable … but can we speak about that accent wall? The colorblocking is absolutely beautiful, and with corals and browns, this color scheme could function for a boy or a girl. Soon after when more, we’re seeing a lot of rattan, but that’s boho for ya! A Day at the Zoo

This photo shows how different the comparable theme can seem across multiple nurseries! Here’s however a different boho animal theme, this time, featuring vibrant and airy colors, stuffed animals, and a rattan chandelier hanging from the ceiling. This is chic sufficient that even an animal-loving adult would want to sleep correct right here! All The Browns Men and women these days could think that nurseries demand to be vibrant and colorful, but this one is beautiful when nonetheless remaining low-important — and it’s definitely going to be soothing for its inhabitant when they arrive! Swipe over to see the pretty emerald green chair. Mid-century modern and boho definitely go together!

Bring the Outdoors In Aside from however a different brown neutral theme, we’re seeing lots of the outdoors correct right here in amongst the greenery, the wall decor, and the feathers. One of the most impressive elements of this baby room is the cream and camel-colored rug — it’s entirely feasible to center the color scheme of a room over a pretty rug like this one. Good Vibes Only

This nursery definitely seems like it was professionally done, but everybody who isn’t a pro can take some inspiration from this photo. The wall is absolutely beautiful, as are the wood floors, the rug, the chandelier, and the "good vibes only" sign. Okay, we want every single little issue in this room. All the Decor Even although most of the photos correct right here are taken of the baby room as a complete, it’s nice to get a close up like this one to admire all the little information. Aside from the adorable baby laying on the altering table, the little animals and wooden toys perching on that hanging shelf are so sweet.

A Couple of Good Pieces Even although this nursery is nonetheless in the beginning stages of possessing decorated, it does serve as an instance of how a couple of beautiful pieces can make a room. That round crib essentially has *wheels.* And the person who posted the photo shared that they have been in a position to score that rattan shelf for a deal on Facebook Marketplace! Cream &ampamp White

The white walls, chair, and curtains give a blank space for the rest of this room’s decor to stand out. In case you hadn’t noticed rather but, wood, rattan, neutrals, and a pop of greenery are what really serve as the fundamentals for any boho-style nursery. Someplace Over the Rainbow As the centerpiece of the room, the rainbow tapestry offers the pop of color in an otherwise neutral-toned room that a lot of boho rooms are missing — even even although color doesn’t ruin the theme whatsoever! This seems like such a peaceful room to play and nap in, specially in that crib.

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