Villa Talk to: Innovative flats with Generous Openings and Private Exterior Spaces

Villa Check with: Ground breaking flats with Generous Openings and Private Exterior Areas

Villa Ask is a new higher-quality housing undertaking by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter found in Askeveien, sheltered in green and lush environment in Skøyen, Oslo, Norway. Started out in 2015 and accomplished in 2019, this challenge presents impressive flats with generous openings and non-public exterior spaces for a at ease living.


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The adjacent historical landscape and built natural environment will mix with each other with the residential creating in a humble and attractive way. This household job will also acquire and boost the web page inherent identity by the acutely aware use of locale-oriented and qualitative architecture.



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The 15 apartments of this pitched-roof housing complicated are done with generous openings and personal exterior areas. The developing alone has a roof geometry that will allow the penthouse residences with sheltered roof terraces and generous ceiling heights. Wrapped in hand-basin extensive-shaped tiles, this task delivers a distinctive language in defining its style and design and architecture.



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The interior is a combination of contemporary style with sophisticated touches that comes from the selected supplies and furnishings. By the home windows, the citizens can love the green and lush surroundings from their possess apartment. The warm and gentle ambiance spread out to the entire space of the inside many thanks to the wood flooring and white floor.


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