Tos Residence: A 3-Story Terraced Residence Renovation with Vibrant Wall and Retained Floorings

Tos Dwelling: A 3-Tale Terraced House Renovation with Bright Wall and Retained Floorings

It only can take 6 months for Business office Shoreline to entire this renovation venture of a three-story terraced dwelling in 2019. Tos Residence is created in 1920 and found in a historical compound in Shanghai’s Hongkou District, China. The shiny wall is made as a reflector to bring additional lights to each and every home when the current beam and floorings are also retained.

The Household

Tos House 1

Tos House 2

Tos House 3

For the duration of the foreign concessions period, many Japanese people today lived in this job area. Even a Japanese newspaper of all those days was observed even though renovations, beneath the ground of the dwelling. Just before the renovations, this home has a dim interior simply because of the constructing and its partitions adjacent to the south side. The to start with brilliant impression arrives from the gentle and shade distinction established by the mild that shines the home from the skylight.



Tos House 4

Tos House 5

Tos House 6

The new layout for this property is motivated by the impact, specially to develop a different skylight and the void. The void and staircase are arranged in the exact line, supplying an encounter to likely up toward the skylight. For the property wall, Stucco is utilized from the first floor to the 3rd ground. It results in shade to mirror on the wall when folks go up or down the staircase.



Tos House 7

Tos House 8

Tos House 9

The vibrant wall of the dwelling is also utilised as a reflector to provide gentle to the home rooms. The structure and some other components are strengthened when the current floorings and beam are retained as nicely. A big bookcase and the cabinet are arranged on the reverse side of the stucco to match the interior texture. It makes the complete room to have shade and light distinction, highlighting the changing light within the property each and every day.


Tos Household

Tos House 10

Tos House 11

Tos House 12

Tos House 13

Tos House 14

Photographer: Alessandro Wang

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