QST Renovation: A Attractive Residence with A Blood-Colored Gate and Redesigned Constructive Piece

QST Renovation: A Stunning Property with A Blood-Coloured Gate and Redesigned Constructive Piece

Located in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Braga, Portugal, QST Renovation is a 2014 – 2019 venture by NOARQ. This wonderful home is like a fortification, rises from wide blocks of blue granite into the wilderness. Each individual constructive piece of the residence is redesigned and the developing by itself stretches till the blood-colored gate.

The Residence

QST Renovation 1

QST Renovation 2

QST Renovation 3

Opened up by timid windows on the higher ground, the silhouette can be witnessed on the roadside. The sequence of cattle crevices illuminates the residence latest kitchen area by a relationship with the avenue. The dwelling making is pointing to the threshing floor, molded into the street wall granite. This dwelling stretches until the blood-coloured gate, an attractive gate that will make the property seems exceptional than other folks.



QST Renovation 4

QST Renovation 5

QST Renovation 6

There is a wooden space painted in the shade of the gate that tended toward the east higher than the entrance. This property is also cleaned up from the free exoticism, shutters, sheds, and picturesque motifs. Just about every and each constructive piece inside of the residence is redesigned by the architect, reinventing the stripped truth for this job.



QST Renovation 7

QST Renovation 8

QST Renovation 9

In contrast to the shade of the gate, the residence inside seems a lot more purely natural and warm. The inside is vivid that arrives from the white surfaces of the partitions and ceiling. The very same colour is also preferred for the mattress and various home furniture. Wood tables and chairs are extra into the house rooms to make a gorgeous variation of the interior aside from the white dazzling atmosphere.


QST Renovation

QST Renovation 10

QST Renovation 11

QST Renovation 12

QST Renovation 13

QST Renovation 14

QST Renovation 15

QST Renovation 16

QST Renovation 17

QST Renovation 18

Photographer: João Morgado

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