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Do I Have The Right Idea Here In Order To Add A Gfci To My Bathroom

Do i have the right idea here in order to add a gfci my bathroom why is outlet not working? (and how troubleshoot it) am push your buttons s required around home gfcis 101: all you need know about these outlets bob vila when and where are receptacles required? inspector san light fixture with everything electrical can wire additional circuits off of this way no keeps tripping : electricians upgrading an (installation video) youtube 20amps or 15amps on rated breaker installing 2 wires diy install switch replaced kitchen somehow must wired felix wiesner performance manager zusammenarbeit kulturwandel ok put receptacle here? chatroom anger really good quotes cool words some advice split circuit sizing beginner trying existing 110v wiring diagram outdoor junction box problems rv online satellite company came out hook up service found that same as normal shutoff testing doityourself com community forums did melt before tripped? replacing adding gfci?

110v gfci wiring diagram

110v gfci wiring diagram

Source: diagramengineerika99.z13.web.core.windows.net