Phase of Forest: A Special Setting up with A Sensuous Sort and Tough Materiality

Phase of Forest: A One of a kind Creating with A Sensuous Variety and Rough Materiality

With 277㎡ in measurement, Phase of Forest presents a unique and sensuous variety at the edge of the forest upcoming to the ski slope. This setting up is found in Ji Lin – a northeastern Chinese province – and it sits the hillside with a panoramic see in direction of the Songhua Lake and mountain array. Intended with tough materiality, META-project attempts to stimulate folks to occur up with extra concepts through this viewing system.

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The web page of the developing is coated by brilliant white snow in winter season and surrounded by luscious greenery in summer months. The creating can capture the breathtaking views of surroundings, primarily the views of Songhua Lake and mountain assortment. Sitting on a hillside, Phase of Forest is located future to the ski slope at the edge of the forest.



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A sensuous sort and tough materiality are put together to structure this constructing though the setting up house is choreographed as a result of a thoroughly plotted experience. The “stage” is a dark, cost-free-floating monolith when it is viewed from afar with a heavy concrete “base”. When night comes, the building gives vibrant and heat lights from its inside with its lights and picket surfaces.



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This making is built in stunning nature to introduce an enlightening medium amongst individuals and nature. The purpose of this job is to encourage folks to appear up with additional fantastic and fantastic ideas of checking out their connection with the surrounding mother nature. The constructing itself also gets to be a significant component of mother nature.


Phase of Forest

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Photographer: Su Shengliang

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