Palette in Wonderland: A Entertaining Paradise with Vibrant Interiors and A Lively Palette

Palette in Wonderland: A Exciting Paradise with Colourful Interiors and A Energetic Palette

This stunning household is positioned in Taipei, Taiwan, with 93 sqm in measurement. Palette in Wonderland is a house job by NestSpace Design for a sloppy woman who enjoys to travel. There is generally a girl hiding in all hearts of the ladies that fascinated by the novel world. It results in being the main inspiration for the designer to full this task by generating colourful interiors and adding a lively palette for a excellent daily life.

Style and design

Palette In Wonderland 1

Palette In Wonderland 2

Palette In Wonderland 3

This household is designed to live and breathe with its awesome interiors. The household areas are established with a large amount of enjoyment, like pleasure when traveling. At the time the operator returns and opens the baggage, she will be welcomed by the passionate Italian sunlight, the snow-covered Nordic territory, and the sea of ​​the South French blue coast.



Palette In Wonderland 4

Palette In Wonderland 5

Palette In Wonderland 6

There is normally a new superb experience in each place of the household. This household is a minor thicker, evenly brushed, and it is like holding a energetic graffiti occasion with the palette. The huge couch can be observed in the living spot, providing the owner to lie on it comfortably. Each individual element of the interiors in this residence is a vibrant entertaining put from the owner’s desire.



Palette In Wonderland 7

Palette In Wonderland 8

Palette In Wonderland 9

The eating and kitchen spot are positioned in the same corner area of the residence. Even further to the corner from these rooms, there is a compact nest developed for the owner who would like to enjoy a lot more time for herself in looking through. Moreover the major sofa, the living space is beautified with blue storage and a warm rug for a more enjoyable ambiance.


Palette in Wonderland

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Photographer: Frankie F. Panoramic Business Photography Co., Ltd.

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