Nursery in Nagykovácsi: A Present day Nursery with Archetypical Variety of Rural Houses

Nursery in Nagykovácsi: A Contemporary Nursery with Archetypical Type of Rural Properties

Concluded in 2015, Nursery in Nagykovácsi is a public building and schooling project by Foldes Architects. This modern-day nursery is situated in Hungary with 760 sqm in dimensions. The archetypical form of rural homes is decided on to style the constructing and the scale of the village is also preserved for the duration of the style stage.


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The bases of the spatial technique are the shopping mall independent pavilions which consist of three functions: a surgical procedures, a health and fitness visitor center, and a nursery. The little Piazzetta at the entrance is opened by shifting the volumes which also forming the personal interior spaces, presenting existing distinct exterior attributes. By means of small glazed passageways, the building volumes are interconnected very well.



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The partition of the unique functions is also enabled by shifting the building volumes. All functions of the developing are served by the entrance spot, offering something back to the village. The coated external areas have an essential function in the composition. In the quantity, the nursery entrance is a wedge-like crack. The excellent and deep loggias from the southern aspect can protect the creating interior from the summer season heat, so the young children also can slumber and participate in listed here.



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The up to date formal language on these rural forms arrives from the playful openings, roof, homogeneous materiality on the elevation, and hidden eaves. In the entrance location, the terracotta cover also seems flooring covering and it can type benches much too. This nursery is conceived to be a little village with a principal square and alleys, a definite border and homogeneous character, and a scale that fits the village.


Nursery in Nagykovácsi

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Photographer: Levente Sirokai

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