Ne_On Condominium: Composition of Geometric Graphics and the Reduced-Important, Misty Color Palette

Ne_On Apartment: Composition of Geometric Graphics and the Minimal-Key, Misty Colour Palette

Situated in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Ne_On Apartment is an apartment renovation project by NestSpace Design. Concluded in 2019, the element of the reduced-essential, misty color palette is utilized to the apartment interior. A flowy rhythm of place is developed with the composition of geometric graphics underneath the observe of minimalism. The target of this job is to cultivate closer interactions by opening the dialogue about an excellent way of dwelling.


Ne On Apartment 1

Ne On Apartment 2

Ne On Apartment 3

At initial, the architect comes up with the thought from a basic principle of the 2nd rainbow. It is a exclusive phenomenon that is not normally to see. The very low-vital, misty color palette aspect is employed for the interior to create an intimacy between individuals and color. The architect hopes that the aim of this undertaking can be achieved by way of the invisible power of hues for urban-dwelling people.


Design and style

Ne On Apartment 4

Ne On Apartment 5

Ne On Apartment 6

A flowy rhythm of place with the composition of geometric graphics is developed below the minimalist practice. The delicate curves and strains are embedded in just about every room of the condominium, producing a sure perception of feeling above real and imaginary whilst the soul and spirit of this condominium are introduced by the ethereal and serene hues. All elements and sensitive textures are blended to have interaction every person in the enchanting house.



Ne On Apartment 7

Ne On Apartment 8

Ne On Apartment 9

A popular scene that took place in a aspiration is put into the ground layout of the condominium: a aspiration exactly where we can go wherever at the future second and nevertheless head back to the very same spot. By breaking down first walls, the scene can be recreated with a little bit of hope and humor to create enlargement. The three invisible traces outline the unique functional rooms, divided from structural pillar together with eating space, adaptable area, and residing place.



Ne On Apartment 10

Ne On Apartment 11

Ne On Apartment 12

A small but aesthetically very well-outfitted doing work table is positioned in close proximity to the window facet. This desk can satisfy both the requirements of privateness and be with some others inside the condominium. Connecting to a terrazzo-produced kitchen area island, the pillar is yet another level echoing to the style and design thought of the venture.

Ne On Apartment 13

Ne On Apartment 14

Ne On Apartment 15

The kitchen islands appear in curvy sorts and single-leg framework. There are bubble-like slim pendants higher than it with bottom woodworks keeping the terrazzo surface for a absolutely free, mild, floating vibes. In the dwelling location, the blue coloration of the sofa dominants the captivating interior.


Ne_On Condominium

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Photographer: Hey!Cheese

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