Glebe Residence: An Addition and Full Interior Renovation of a 1890’s Single-Family members Home

Glebe Home: An Addition and Comprehensive Inside Renovation of a 1890’s Single-Spouse and children Residence

Glebe Home is positioned in the southern part of Ottawa known as the Glebe, just 2 blocks from Lansdowne Park and bounded by the Rideau Canal, Canada. Built by Batay-Csorba Architects, it is a 2013 challenge of 1,500sf addition and entire interior renovation to a lovely 1890’s one-loved ones home with 2,200sf in size. For Wilson Family, this residence provides light shafts and visible associations in between rooms with an introverted non-public roof yard.


Glebe Residence 1

Glebe Residence 2

Glebe Residence 3

A direct reference to the home previous arrives from the two-tale present rectilinear brick massing that retained. While 3-tale rear addition and a new third story clad in contrasting black steel panels cantilever and pivot, found all around an existing historic sugar maple tree on the web-site. For shifting geometry, there is a massing that uses a tree as a central pivot to build a collection of diagonally cantilevered masses.



Glebe Residence 4

Glebe Residence 5

Glebe Residence 6

With a series of interconnected voids, the sectional continuity absence of the classic Victorian typology is challenged by penetrating the home volume. It makes visual interactions and light-weight shafts concerning the residence rooms usually divided.

Glebe Residence 7

Glebe Residence 8

Glebe Residence 9

A pure chimney result for passive air flow is developed by the three-story voids which also making it possible for sights and interaction amongst all 3 floors. This outcome terminates with a sequence of photo voltaic-powered operable skylights. On the third flooring, from the exterior envelope, the large void is carved out, producing an introverted personal roof garden.


Glebe Residence

Glebe Residence 10

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