ED&JO Property: A New Solitary-Relatives Dwelling on Sloped Topography with Expanded Flooring

ED&JO Dwelling: A New Solitary-Loved ones Dwelling on Sloped Topography with Expanded Floor

ED&JO House is a 2013-2018 challenge located in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Braga, Portugal. The intention is to demolish a single-loved ones dwelling then construct one more one particular in the centre of V. N. de Famalicão. The gross region of this property is 408.90 m² on two floors with a 367.20 m² footprint, sits on sloped topography. Created by NOARQ, the home floor is rehabilitated and expanded to preserve some rooms of the house.


ED&JO House 1

ED&JO House 2

ED&JO House 3

The undertaking proposal is in a triangular city plot of land, masking 940.80 m² of an area. In the corner, the elevations converge to every other on the surrounding roadways mainly because of the 7.60 m slopes down from west to east. All factors of the building are demolished aside from the garage, situated below the patio elevation with degree entry at the reduced amount from the road.



ED&JO House 4

ED&JO House 5

ED&JO House 6

With 99.30 m2 of the full space, ground is rehabilitated and expanded to preserve the storage area, vertical obtain, entrance, and garage. At the amount of the interior of the plot, ground 1 is exactly where the household principal construction is that consists of a reserved zone, social zone, and a support area.



ED&JO House 7

ED&JO House 8

ED&JO House 9

The internet site land is exposed for the reason that of the various topographies amongst the adjoining streets, which is why the property is found 1 m from the western boundary without having any wall or elevation. This house is also closed to the north from thermal and urbanistic causes. It opens to the east where by the entire of the south-going through front is open beneath a curved shade include and light enters the kitchen area warmly.

ED&JO House 10

ED&JO House 11

ED&JO House 12

The other rooms of this house have an illumination that will come from small patios. The patios slash out the house volume, enabling illumination and entry to some rooms. The very first patio is referred to as Patio 1, letting access from Rua Vieira da Silva while Patio 2 illuminates the rest room hooked up to the principal bedroom and the dressing space. Patio 3 illuminates the a few bedrooms of the home and Patio 4 illuminates the laundry and kitchen area for support.


ED&JO Home

ED&JO House 13

ED&JO House 14

ED&JO House 15

ED&JO House 16

ED&JO House 17

ED&JO House 18

ED&JO House 19

ED&JO House 20

Photographer: João Morgado

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