Datuan Villa: A Weekend Property with A White Cube Design and Modernist Tactic


Datuan Villa: A Weekend Property with A White Cube Design and Modernist Strategy

The owner of this weekend house is a youthful couple and the husband enjoys anything about modernism. Datuan Villa is found in the countryside of Shanghai named Datuan city, China. Accomplished in 2018, this 320-sqm-household is a countryside residence with a white dice design and style. Place of work Shoreline employs a modernist strategy to style this residence, together with its interiors and composition.

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This home is surrounded by a typical countryside is composed by a cluster of residences with a pitched roof, highway, a tiny river, and dispersed agriculture fields. The dwelling internet site is positioned on the edge of the land with a well-known peach filed in the southwest, throughout a small river.


Style and design

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On the initial working day of the venture conference, the partner quoted Le Corbusier’s phrases: “A home is a device for residing in”. It is a white dice that contrasts from its colourful neighbors. The modern day method is made use of to style and design this dwelling, especially for the home windows, opening, and the rooms. There are some home windows in distinct dimensions, positioned thoroughly that applicable to the composition of the inner volumes.

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There is also a major opening added to the south-aspect living space and its entrance doorway is disguised. A cheerful spot can be found in the balcony to the tiny river that counterbalancing the home introverted character. The contents of the residence fill up the a few-storied dice with a dwelling theater sensation and walk-all around experience for openness through the architectural promenade.



Datuan Villa 10

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As a weekend gathering position for massive family members users, this residence has some dynamic relation in its double-top living room. The various notion heights and angles are also given to produce the noticed and see results. The initial flooring of the household is an open plan, letting folks to wander around and get to the sunken dining room.

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On the other aspect of the 2nd flooring, the children’s home and one particular visitor space occupy it collectively. A bed room suite with a terrace of two distinct heights is situated on the best flooring. The decrease terrace is enclosed by the raised peripheral wall wherever the architect gibes just one modest opening to the peach sunset and subject. The upper terrace is for laundry with spectacular views.



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The full sequence of this property is articulated by two sets of staircases. The initially staircase is composed in the double-floor residing room that heading straight to the house core. On the second flooring, the playroom has a quasi-cubic proportion that helps make it roomy and also darkish. The subtle light-weight and picturesque scene occur from the north window, making a silent environment inside of the room.

Datuan Villa 19

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The wall cabinets of the house are painted in a light blue tone and vivid environmentally friendly. These colours refer to the scene colours outside the residence. The interiors of this house are tender and normal, dominated by white and wood surfaces. From the distance, this white cube delivers a unique design and style and architecture that can be noticed from its reflection on the drinking water of the river.


Datuan Villa

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Photographer: Alessandro Wang

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