C+c Property: City Dwellings in Narrow and Long Plots With Wall Factor and Freijó Wooden Surface area

C+c Home: City Dwellings in Slim and Long Plots With Wall Aspect and Freijó Wooden Surface area

Just like yet another task by Studio MK27 – D Household – C+C House is a venture investigation on townhouses. Completed in June 2015, this household is situated in slender and lengthy plots in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In buy to develop a normal order in the prepare group, this home is defined by a solitary trace: a wall component. Whilst the surface of the home is clad in slatted Freijó wooden.

Design and style

C C House 1

C C House 2

C C House 3

The starting off point of this job is the house wall that unfolds the overall architectural design and style. The wall is the element of this dwelling, longitudinal on the web-site, and found close to the whole lot center. The dwelling area is clad in slatted Freijó wood, separating the garage from the entrance entrance and residing from the utility rooms and the kitchen.



C C House 4

C C House 5

C C House 6

The wall is blended with the surface on the jap plot border supports the household higher volume wherever the bedrooms are. This area is also protected in wood. The dwelling area void is protected by a box, configured as a picket tunnel in the dwelling. A hid window gets seen when shut on the white facade of the to start with floor.



C C House 7

C C House 8

C C House 9

The overall designed area of this challenge is 513 sqm with 550 sqm of the internet site place. The framework for this household generates a answer with an analog to folding the residence doorways used in the earlier studio tasks. It reveals sensitive particularly mainly because there is no frame all-around the movable things.


C+C Dwelling

C C House 10

C C House 11

C C House 12

C C House 13

C C House 14

C C House 15

C C House 16

C C House 17

Photographer: Fernando Guerra

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