Angelika Kauffmann Museum, Schwarzenberg (AT): Two Modest Museums with A Wooden Design and Professional Lighting

Angelika Kauffmann Museum, Schwarzenberg (AT): Two Tiny Museums with A Wooden Design and Experienced Lights

Proven in a historic and nicely-stored 16th century, the two compact museums are positioned on a growing slope, west of the village center in Schwarzenberg, Austria. A traditional old farmhouse is decided on as the best place when the former home of the artist Angelika Kauffmann serves as a local museum. Angelika Kauffmann Museum is a 2006-2007 job by Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten for Gemeinde Schwarzenberg with 315 m² in size, wooden construction, and professional lights inside.


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The new Angelika Kauffmann museum is located on the room of the previous domestic wing and it is very simple to accessibility through the barn flooring. The museum can be opened by pushing apart the extensive sliding wall. When it is shut, a modern wooden and glass construction is invisible. The exhibition wall flat-roof construction has been inserted into the barn and it acts as a constructing in a setting up. This corridor is outlined by the room dividing aspects although the building by itself is a diffident and balanced blend of the massive and modest planet, of innovation and custom.



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The design duties also include things like specialist lights and a managed indoor climate for theft and fireplace defense, as properly as a lobby with a small office environment and a kitchenette for the workers, loos, and a reception. The two bogus ceilings and a strut in the middle of the home are taken off for a column-absolutely free, spacious lobby although the new metal girders integrate into the wooden roof truss and act as mild, bar-formed features.

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The rests on lateral steel frames now and the technological rooms are accommodated earlier mentioned the exhibition room’s new ceiling. The lobby is situated guiding a glass wall, reaches up to the roof, and offers an impact as if the gate is open to the barn. The style of this museum is a dense dialog with the furniture and the pale untreated silver fir wood of the walls.



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The roof load is ensured by the new beams built of steel profiles which are also making sure the differentiation from the aged carpentry. The floor extends by way of the exhibition hall, built of rough sawn fir planks while the sidewalls are structured by 3 niches. The portraits of the great artist Angelika Kauffmann are proven in front of the white partitions.



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The artist Angelika Kauffmann lived in the village Schwarzenberg in Bregenzerwald. This village gets renowned in Rome and London. That’s why the community as a result committed this museum to the artist. The previous residence is characterised by the usual vestibule that named as “Schopf” (porch) by the folks of Bregenzerwald.


Angelika Kauffmann Museum, Schwarzenberg (AT)

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Photographer: Bruno Klomfar

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