About Us

Learn in that which we are doing.

Simply Home Decorating is really just a boutique design studio based in North Vancouver, B.C. Serving clients across the Lower Mainland and beyond, our fire is interior decorating — just accepting everything you love on the own place and recognizing its full capacity by household home furnishings, accessories and finishes which make it a liveable, magazine-worthy dwelling.

Even though lots of other businesses require a generalist strategy, we’re decor pros. Whether it is custom designed furniture and mill work, designer fabrics, window coverings, wallpaper, art, vases and accessories…
Decor isn’t exactly what we do at the very close of a project. It’s the undertaking.

So in the event you have simply moved into a new residence, in case your rooms have been obsolete or truly feel unfinished, in the event you’re prepared to put money into your experience of dwelling, we will help.