91 Most Popular Wall Shelf Ideas for Your Home Decoration


 91 Most Popular Wall Shelf Ideas for Your Home Decoration 3404
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Decorating With Wood – Home Decorating Ideas That Accent Any Room

Do you want to add to or change the look of your apartment or home? Are you decorating on a budget? Do you have pictures sitting in boxes and want to creatively display them? Do you love the appearance of wood and want to implement wood working in your home decor? Have you shopped retail stores but cannot afford retail prices?

Below are decorating tips that can be used with wood products that will add character and style to your living space.

1. Picture frames: Wood frames can be enhanced by placing a ribbon from both sides of the top and then hanging it on a brass knob. You can easily change the ribbon to different colors to match various color schemes. Floating picture frames are a unique way to display pictures. They are hung with ribbon in an uneven format, from an expandable iron rod.

2. Block letters: These can be used in decorating for different holidays or remain stationary year round using colors that match the room’s color scheme. A range of colors and sizes make the lettering more interesting and fun. Custom lock letters are great in decorating kids rooms in particular. Displaying a child’s name in wood letters reinforces the child’s feelings of importance and self worth.

3. Wood signs: Vinyl lettering is popular. Quotes, special phrases or names can be transferred onto wood crafts . Wood signs can be prominently displayed for living room decorating, bedroom decorating or bathroom decorating.

4. Shelves: There is no limit to what you can do with a wood shelf. They are a basic feature in many homes. Shelves are an easy way to alter the look of a room–just replacing the items displayed on the shelf periodically. You can creatively and inexpensively decorate for each holiday with your cherished shelf.

5. Shadow boxes: Like wood shelves, shadow boxes are an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of a wall. They are a hollow and deep wood frame that is cut in various shapes and sizes. Dried flowers in pots, greenery, small figurines, picture frames, boxed letters and much more look exquisite in shadow boxes.

6. Wood carvings: Turn of the century wood designs were famous for their beautiful and detailed wood working. The wood designer spent countless hours carving intricate designs in their wood pieces. They took pride in their craftsmanship. Today, we can achieve the desired look of detailed designs by purchasing pieces of elaborate wood. When refinishing cabinets or shelves, you can glue the wood designs on your item and then paint or stain over it. This gives your wood a more expensive, fresh new look.

7. Knobs: Replacing old knobs with stylish new rod iron knobs, will update your wood furniture or cabinetry. Often adding a rod iron knob onto a plain surface will add character to your wood piece. Adding a iron knob to a wood plaque, for example, will quickly turn a simple object into a sensible tool for hanging items on.

8. Wood Mirrors: Strategically placing mirrors in a smaller room, can create an illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. It adds depth and dimension to the room.

Wood products will always be a decorating basic. There are innumerable and diverse wood accents available for the consumer. Redecorating a room, or decorating a room for the first time, can be an entertaining and enjoyable experience when you have some basic ideas to work with. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to transform a room into a pleasant and relaxing environment for your family.

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