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65 Nice Bunk Beds Design Ideas – The Best Way to Maximize Your Living Space


Gone are the days when no particular consideration was given by parents to perfectly furnish their kids’ room. While majority of parents now give appreciable attention to their kids’ room, the common problem they all face is the dearth of quality living space to accommodate all the furniture. A feasible solution to this problem is neat and appropriate stacking of this furniture while ensuring that even after being stacked they serve their purpose.

Beds are the outcome of one such stacking. beds have two or more bed frames stacked on top of one another. Hence, appropriate installment of bunk beds maximizes floor space leading to a wide usage at places as university residence halls, dormitories, hostels and especially as kids’ beds.

Bunk are easily available in a wide variety of materials and designs. Generally used bunk are the metal beds with same size of mattresses on all the bunks. In case more than two bunks are required, triple lindy loft beds are used which have total three beds.

Loft Beds

Loft beds are a variation of bunk beds in which the top bunk is the while the lower space is used as work area usually occupied by a study table or similar furniture. Some loft beds even have trundle beds which retain the capability to contain workstations and drawers.

Wood loft beds are the common type of loft available. Retrofits to wooden loft beds can be easily done at home; hence the workspace can be modified conveniently as per need. Expensive loft have built-in storage capacities and other accessories.


Bunk beds having a on the top bunk and a futon on the lower are called futon beds. The futon has a double sized mattress compared to the bed which allows it to be folded and used as a couch in daytime while expanded again for use as sleeping space. Futon are usually a choice for teenagers who require both: a couch and a bed to facilitate sleepovers with friends.

Safety Measures

On one hand where bunk beds and its variations help optimal utilization of space in living rooms, on the other they also pose injury threats owing to improper installations, lack of attention on their frame, and boisterous behavior.

•Bunk beds and especially kids’ bunk should conform to the American Standards of Testing Materials (ASTM) for bunk beds.

•Also it should be ensured that ceiling fans are not installed in rooms with beds or at a considerable safe distance from the bunks.

•The guard railings should be properly fitted on both side of the bed.

Beds can be purchased at a convenient price from the vast available economic range. Those having moderate prices lack certain accessories as drawers or chests which can be overlooked if not required much.

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