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59 Ideas For Fun Children’s Bunk Beds


Childrens bunk beds tend to hold a certain fascination with children of all ages. The thrill of being awarded the top bunk is one that many of us surely remember – even if it was just on a family hotel getaway. Of course, the lower level of the bunk is also very popular – the problems only arise when both children want the top bunk!

In this article we’ll look at some ideas for children’s bunk beds. As a sizable structure it is little wonder that the bunk bed can be turned into so many different and very exciting pretend-objects. There are various companies around the UK and indeed the world that specialise in children’s bunk beds, making them to the exact specification as ordered by the child in question or their parents. You might, however, consider building your own. Either way, the following ideas might spark some of your own ideas, or what kind of bed you want for your little one’s room.

The Big Red Bus

Arguably, this is one of the pretend objects that lends itself best to the structure of childrens bunk beds, having as it does, two levels. While there is of course a certain degree of superior fun to be had on the top deck, it is worth pointing out to the child on the bottom bunk that the driver sits on the lower level!

The Ship

Children’s bunk beds can have a certain galleon like quality to them, and again, there may be a competition as to who goes on the crow’s nest and who goes down below decks where the cannons lie! This kind of bed design might well be better suited to little boys, although there might well be a few female pirates-to-be around, too.

The Drawer Bed

Of course, it’s not all about fun, fun, fun. There has to be a certain amount of usability as well. There are many beds available these days that are designed to contain drawers in them – and these are ideal ways to conserve space in a child’s room. This is particularly important if the room in question has limited space. Children’s toys, especially when they’re young, can take up a great deal of space. If you look around the internet then you will be able to find some designs for childrens bunk beds that contain drawers. As an alternative to drawers, you might find that trays on rollers are an option too.

These are just a few ideas for childrens bunk beds – which might spark a few ideas of your own as to what would make a special piece of furniture for your little ones.

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