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53 Best Rustic Mountain Home Plans


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Rustic Decorating Tips

Rustic decorating can be a great way to get a comfortable and unique look in your home. While many people are afraid to decorate in a specific theme, you can easily get a great rustic look if you know the right furniture, colors and accessories to use.

Stick with earthy and natural colors – browns, greens and brick reds work well with the rustic theme. You can get paint cards at the local paint store with the different color tones you want for the room. Bring the cards with you when you are shopping for furniture and accessories and be assured that the colors will match.

Picking your accessories and furniture wisely will help hone your rustic look. Choose furniture that has the look of a mountain cabin – perhaps items that are made from rough logs and twigs or tables that are made from slabs of trees with the bark intact. Accessories can be fun to buy and you can scour yard sales and fleas markets for old snowshoes, fishing creels and other cabin accessories to add ambiance to your look.

When you use rustic decorating in your home, you want to pay attention to all the details, not just the accessories. Your window treatments, flooring and lighting is important too and you should choose items that are in keeping with the rustic theme.

Window treatments for the Rustic decorating style should have a natural look You might think about decorating your windows with wood blinds or simple curtains or sheers.

Wall art can be fun to buy for any decorating theme and the rustic one is no exception. Think about using photos of the woods or outdoors in twig or log frames as well as other outdoorsy items that you can hang right on the walls.

Another thing to have in mind is the right lighting. Go for lighting that is earthy with natural themes or made from deer antlers to compliment the rustic decorating scheme.

Flooring is another vital element to any design theme and hardwood floors are ideal for this style but adding area rugs can add warmth and comfor to your home. The type of area rugs you should have for your natural and cozy style is organic, woven or oriental rugs which you ought to purchase in earthy colors.

To finish off your décor, consider adding deer antler lamps and chandeliers about the room or woodsy outdoors prints in wood bark frames as well as taxidermy, snowshoes, and red and black plaid throws to complete your theme.

Rustic decorating for the home can be easy if you spend most of your time planning out what you want in the room and where to put it. Simply purchase the furniture and accessories on your plan and put them in place – your room with have the feeling of a mountain cabin in no time!

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