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Tenants of the First Ever Dutch 3D Printed Home Are Moving In &ltp class="c22"&gtOn Friday, April 30th, the owners of the first ever Dutch 3D printed home have just received its important. Situated in the Eindhoven neighborhood of Bosrijk, the house is the first of five inside ‘Project Milestone’. The home is the outcome of a joint constructing and innovation project of Eindhoven University of Technologies, Van Wijnen, Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix, Vesteda, the Municipality of Eindhoven and Witteveen+Bos. The Dutch 3D printed home complies to the strict constructing specifications of the Netherlands, when nonetheless preserving an fully original design thanks to the freedom of kind enabled by concrete 3D printing. &ltp class="c22"&gtThe house consists of 24 printed concrete elements, just about every printed layer by layer, in about 120 hours. These elements had been then transported by truck to the constructing internet web page and placed on a foundation. In the end the house was supplied with a roof and frames, and the finishing touches applied. The home is a detached single-story house, that boasts a net floor area of 94 square meters, a spacious living room and two bedrooms. The constructing itself is shaped like a large boulder in preserving with the location’s aesthetic. It also possesses extra thick insulation and a connection to the heat grid, indicates that home is particularly comfortable and power efficient, boasting an power functionality coefficient of .25.

22 Great 3d Room Drawing – &ltp class="c22"&gtThanks to 3D printing technologies, the constructing of the house correctly conquered a number of other feats. For instance, in overcoming the challenge of 3D printing inclining walls, the door has been opened to a completely different kind of constructing. Bas Huysmans, CEO of Weber Benelux, notes, “With the printing insulated and self-supporting wall elements curved in three planes, we’ve taken important steps in this project in the further development of 3D concrete printing in construction. Together with all partners, we’ve completed a challenging process and realized a very special home. I think that we’ll soon be able to proudly add the Milestone houses to the list of iconic projects in Eindhoven.” &ltp class="c22"&gtWhile the first Dutch 3D printed home possesses only one story, the subsequent homes in the series will have multiple floors. As such, the method will have to have added improvement. Erwin Kersten, Regional Director South, Van Wijnen, comments, “With the realization of this first Milestone home, Van Wijnen has once again demonstrated its leadership in the field of industrialized construction. Together with our partners in the chain, we’re constantly looking for new techniques and material applications that contribute to sustainability and affordability. Innovations like Project Milestone are enormously important to this.”

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3D Front Elevation Corner Plot 45 x 90 at

&ltp class="c22"&gtIt was also thanks to concrete 3D printing technologies that the home was built far more rapidly and with a lot more flexibility and personalized designs, than it would have been with traditional constructing approaches. In addition, the technologies offers a far more sustainable constructing resolution, and has real potential to resolve the housing crisis. According to Pieter Knauff, Chief Investment Officer, Vesteda, “3D concrete printing’s freedom of form creates an enormous new scope of possibilities in the design and experience of a home. At the same time, this new technique contributes to the required sustainability in the construction industry, the acceleration of building production and the control of construction costs, which is much needed in order to continue building affordable homes.”

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Created by a member of the Floorplanner munity 3d

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*All photos courtesy of 3D Printed House

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