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 39 Gorgeous Woodworking Ideas Projects 3374
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Woodworking Ideas – 3 Tips For New Woodworking Ideas

Woodworking is a great hobby for anyone who likes to work with their hands. For some, it may seem a bit too much like work, but every good woodworker knows that creating something with your bare hands is a very fulfilling and soothing activity.

However, what happens if you’ve run out of ideas for your future projects?

It’s inevitable that a woodworker hits a rut when he is thinking of work that he can do in the future. But getting woodworking ideas for your prospective projects is easier than most people think. Here are a few tips to get your creativity juice started and have you working wood rather than just thinking about it.

a) Think about what you need – Woodworking is more than just a hobby for some. The art of woodworking has roots in carpentry and it is also a very utilitarian pastime if the hobbyist has a knack for it. One of the easier ways to figure out ideas for future projects is to take a look around your house and check for what you need. This can give you some thoughts on what you can start working on. If you need a footstool or an additional chair, why not make it yourself?

Or think about what you might like to give as a gift. For example, I like to give jewelry boxes as gifts. And they’re very appreciated — especially as Christmas gifts or for birthdays. I use rare exotic woods such as zebra wood, American walnut, or sometimes just really nice oak that I stain and finish. I usually try to design the box in such a way as to include semi-precious stones. This tends to make it really special for the person receiving it. I also line the inside of the box with velvet. Red velvet always gives the box a rich, luxurious look. People tell me the box seems to be just as much jewelry as the jewelry itself.

b) Checking the local library and bookstore – This may seem surprising but woodworking has a large amount of literature dedicated to it. This can range from beginner’s manuals to project plans for making your own bed or closet. It would be advisable to go around and check the stacks for plans or project books that can give you something directly to work on or inspire you to create your own variation.

c) Woodworking plans from the Internet – Another source for plans are prepackaged project plans that are usually available on the Internet. Usually consisting of a downloadable blueprints and a DVD, such project compilations are a good resource to invest in if you’re serious about your woodworking. Some of them come with over 10,000 well-written project plans with accompanying video instructions on a DVD.

These three tips should help you get back into the groove and get you working wood again.

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