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35 Most Popular Bunk Bed Ideas – 7 Most Important Points to Consider Before you buy a bunk bed

One common and persistent problem that influences the lifestyle of people these days is having small apartments in large metropolitan cities. As parents, the biggest problem is deciding and designing a beautiful bedroom for the kids. This may not seem to be a difficult task at the start, but as you go ahead with it, you will face few problems, some of which are common to most parents. When parents decide the interior of the room for their children, their aspiration is to come up with something that’s beautiful and can easily impress their children. From the selection of the right color for the walls to deciding the furniture, things are not as easy as they seem. One of the most difficult tasks that parents face is choosing the perfect bed for their child.

Creating an individual space for your kids in a small three bedroom & hall apartment is never an easy thing to do, especially when you have a clear idea of the needs of your children. Apart from the angst of creating a special space for your kids, if the one thing that bothers you is their demand for unique and individual beds, then the best thing that you can do is choosing a bed that consumes less space in the room, apart from performing as a separate and comfortable bed. The perfect bed that will meet all your requirements is a ‘Bunk Bed.’ The fact that a bunk bed is composed with a staircase to the upper section makes it an ultimate choice for parents and kids.

Here are the three primary advantages of having a bunk bed at home:

  • Two beds in the single space
  • Makes up for more space in the bedroom
  • A ton of fun for your little kids to play

Though a bunk bed comes with a lot of advantages, yet buying the perfect one for your home can be tough. The buyers need to consider a lot of things before choosing the bunk bed for their kids. If you’re the buyer and are planning to purchase this bed for your children, then here are the 7 most important points that you need to consider:

Considering the space between the bunks: A critical point to consider when buying this bed for your children is deciding and determining the space between the two bunks. Since the bed will not only be used to lie down and sleep but also to sit; therefore, it is important that the upper half is composed only after carefully determining the space needed for the person in the lower section to sit comfortably. There must be sufficient space for the parents to sit on the bed with their children (even if it’s only for a while).

Deciding the height of the top bunk: If the ceilings are low in your kid’s room, then the bunk bed may not be the right option for you. However, that does not mean you cannot buy this bed; rather you can simply determine the height of the top bunk and make sure that there is a lot of space between the bunk and the ceiling.

Carefully planning the ladder or the stairs to the top bunk: This is one of the most important points to consider! It is critical to choose the correct ladder or staircase to make sure that your child can easily climb them to the upper half, without the fear of falling.

The durability of the bed: A bed is a massive investment; so whether you choose a king size bed for your room or a bunk bed for your children’s room, it is crucial to check the quality of before finalizing it. If you’re not planning to change the bed for at least the next five to seven years, then it is definitely important to choose the one that is durable. Kids use the bed not only to sleep but also to jump and play; therefore, you need to check and ask about the durability of the bed before finalizing it.

Storage Space: A bunk bed with a storage option is the best choice. The basic idea of buying this bed rests on the fact that it consumes less space in the room, and when this bed comes with a storage option the need to add cupboards in the room is denied.

The height of the rails: Kids are the naughtiest members in the house, which is why there is an extensive need to take care of them. The one sleeping on the upper section deserves the most attention; therefore, to save him from the accident of falling down, it is important that parents choose a bed that has rails on all the four sides. It is also important to determine the height of the rails to keep the precaution handy before you buy the bed.

Aesthetics: As parents, your desire will always be to provide your child the best area to sleep and the best ambiance in the room; bunk beds are an extended version of comfort and style. When choosing a bunk bed, remember to select the one that’s made of wood ( it adds a graceful look to the room). You should precisely choose the one that comes with storage options or maybe with a side drawer to keep a few necessary commodities belonging to your child.

Following all the steps mentioned above will help you choose and buy the right bunk bed for your child; so go ahead and buy one today with the hope to give your child the best piece of furniture for his room.

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