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30 Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Is It That Simple!


Teen bedroom decorating ideas are easy to generate once you know what teenagers love the most. Of course, every person has a unique personality. So design styles and decorating themes will surely change from person to person. But We ca always generalize certain rules in teen bedroom decorating that can be used as a blueprint for teen bedroom decorating projects.

As a general rule teen angers are looking for a place for expression and if their bedroom gives them an opportunity to do this, it will work great for them. As a parent or a designer it's your duty to first make friendship with the specific teenage boy or girl for whom you are decorating the bedroom.

Most of the times you will find that they are looking a role model in real life. This can be a real person who has achieved some remarkable results in their filed of expertise. Teenagers can have different passion on life such as

1) Sports activities - such as skating, soccer, swimming, cycling, baseball

2) Hobbies - such as model airplane making, toy trains, origami, clay modeling, puppet making, painting and drawing, sketching

3) Special skills - such as performing arts like singing, dancing, etc.

If you find any of this present in the teenager for whom you are going to decorate a bedroom for, your task becomes easy. All you have to do is study in details the various aspects of the specific hobby in detail either by reading about it or discussing it with the teenager boy or girl.

Such kind of discussion will answer many questions such as

Are there any special tools required to perform this hobby?

How much minimum space is required?

What is the end product?

For example if a teenager boy loves making model airplanes, what happens to the plane that gets finished? Where to store it?

Another example would be of a teen girl who loves pencil sketching. You can ask her specific question such as from where does she get ideas for sketching? Does she sketch real portraits if yes does shoe invite someone in her bedroom to sit on a small chair so that she can make a sketch. In this case you will have to look for extra space for such activities with regards to good lighting conditions, if required.

So teen bedroom decorating is all about the teenager himself or herself. Once you know the specific needs of the person, everything else becomes a matter of sketching a few alternatives and finalizing it by discussing it with the teenager boy or girl. In this way you will have covered a very braod aspect of the decorating theme that can take shape further with detailing.

I hope this article was helpful.

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